Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have really enjoyed praising the Lord as worship minister at 1st Baptist here in Worland, Wyoming. Many people ask me if I miss living in California. To tell you the truth.....I don't miss the state. We have lived in Worland, Wyoming for almost 6 years. This is home. Yes I miss family and friends.....but you know what I miss the most back in California? Playing with my friends from my old band, Soulfisher! These guys were great to minister with! Don't get me wrong, I love the people I'm ministering with now, who are very very talented, but I just miss the guys that we rocked with for Jesus on the road. They taught me a lot! It was a phase in my Christian walk that I will never forget. I look back, and I realize that God used these guys in my life to help train me for what the Lord has for me now in the ministry. God bless you Soulfisher! And...God bless the wonderful people that I'm ministering with now! I love you all! I look a lot younger in the picture with my saxophone don't I?

Starting my blog with a funny bird story!

I can't believe that I am starting my blog with this funny bird story. The other night my wife hosted her girls' youth group from church, to come over, have tacos, and watch a movie. Before she started with them, the girls wanted to see our new baby goats and other farm animals. As I walked out the door, I turned back to look up the stairs in our house. All of a sudden...WHAM!!! I got hit in the head with what I thought was a dirt clod or rock! I turn around...."What in the world?" There was a smudge of blood on the front door, and a flutter of wings in our living room. I had been hit in the head with a pigeon! It was now flying inside our house. The youth kids were screaming and laughing! The bird landed on our freshly painted shelving, took off and then hit our vacuum cleaner that was standing up at the end of the hall! I was able to pick it up, and then one of the girls wanted to let it go outside. It flew off like nothing had happened. We then determined that the blood on the door was the bird's....not mine!