Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Great Weekend!

What another great weekend this has been! Here's a rundown.

1) Friday...did some yard work and watched a movie with my wonderful wife, Sandra.

2) Got up early and drove to my father-in-law's ranch to get with the family and brand all of the calves. FUN in the sun! "Get along little doggies"...

3) Recuperated for the evening after branding Saturday night. Oh my aching everything!

4) Had a wonderful time worshiping the Lord at church Sunday morning. The Memorial Day service went very well. Thank you to Mat Grenier for playing "Taps" on the his trumpet for the service. Those of you that were at the service, I am so glad that you were in town and a part of it.

5) Thanks for your prayers for the Wyoming Boys' School service. We were able to get a small team into the chapel and minister to the boys. We lifted the Name of Jesus in worship. Shaun did a game with the kids and then presented the Gospel message tying it all together. About a dozen boys accepted Christ as their Savior yesterday! Woo Hoo!

6) Sandra and I spent a quiet evening together relaxing while the boys were a friends' houses. It sure is great to have chances to talk to one another.

7) Had fun adding "branding" pictures and video to Facebook.

8) We had two late baby Nubian goats born last night....always a miracle to see!

9) Got up early this morning to do chores. Baby goats are doing great and being bottle fed.

10) Looking forward to having a barbecue at Pastor Shaun's house today to celebrate Memorial Day.

11) Got a haircut today. Wish I could grow more of it back.

12) Have a great week everybody.....looking forward to what God has in store next.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Youth at the Park!

It's here. It is so hard to believe that the Student Ministries Team and the youth are meeting at the park tonight for our final Wednesday night worship of the 2008-2009 school year. It is amazing how fast the time flies by!

I am so glad that Jess Rollema and his wife have summer plans for our kids this summer. In the past we have had "Sports League" set up for the youth to have summer fellowship and fun. I am anxious to see what is "up Jess' sleeve" for this summer. I am sure that everything that the kids do will be fun and bring honor to Christ!

Yes, the time is flying by, and our kids are growing up. I am just so thankful for our youth ministries to assist us as parents in raising our children to follow Jesus Christ. Before you know it.. the 2009-2010 year will be here. Keep this ministry in prayer! God is doing great things!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Protection From Attack!

2Timothy 4:18
"The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen."

Whenever good things are happening for the Lord's sake, be on the watch. The devil is on the prowl. We need to constantly be in prayer for God's will sake.

Please pray that the ministry will continue strong in the Name of the Lord. We should not be ashamed of the Gospel. It is TRUTH! For example, lately we have had to jump through some paperwork hoops to be able to continue the ministry at the Wyoming Boys' School. Please keep this in your prayers. Pray that the door to deliver the gospel message to those young boys will continue to be kicked open in the Name of Christ!

Please pray for our leadership at First "B". Pray that our church will continue to grow and thrive in our community so that Christ will be honored and glorified. Lord, rescue us from any attack we may receive. We want to give you glory forever and ever!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Student Ministries!

What a successful year for Student Ministries at First "B". My hat's off to Jess Rollema for his leadership for our kids, not only at our church, but in our schools and community. I had the privilege to work with Jess and the SM staff another year, leading worship with our kids. We finished up our last "on-campus" session together this week. Next week we are heading to the park for worship and fun together before the summer break begins. Wow! The 2008-2009 school year is about over!

Keep praying for Jess and the leadership of our youth. Our youth program is really growing and shaping into a vital ministry in our town. Our youth need the Lord. The great thing that I'm seeing is that our kids are starting to reach out more to their peers and getting more involved with missions projects to show the love of Christ. I'm praying that more lives will be changed to follow Jesus.

If you are searching for a place to be used by God, and you feel that God is calling you to witness to our youth, contact our Pastor of Youth Ministries, Jess Rollema. Remember...we can't just say that the youth is the church of the future.....they are the church TODAY!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Relection!

What a busy weekend....sometimes it seems that going to work on Monday...I get more rest then what I got on the weekend. home and started mowing the yard. With the lawn tractor's taking a bit longer with the push mower. Oh well, I've got to get exercise!!

Saturday was nice for Sandra and I to get away a little. We got to go up to Billings, Montana to spend some time together shopping for needed goods. I tell ya...with all of the traffic and people at stores, you would never know that the economy is bad in America. Sandra and I finally were able to pick up our stove/oven that had been stuck in Cheyenne for a week, late in delivery. Our old one had seen it's better days...we've replaced burners, heating elements, was just time to get a new one, especially after it was going out again.. I was happy just to be able to get my guitar from the repair shop. By the way....Hanson's Music treated me very well with the repair..They definitely have my business! Overall the "best" was just being able to spend time with my wife.....we even had a nice lunch together at Applebee's. Thank you Lord for my wonderful wife. I always cherish my time with her.

Sunday was a wonderful day of worship with 1st "B". We always look forward to Sundays with our church family, but like many others, I had to make sure that I called my mother in Idaho to see how she's doing and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Praise the Lord she's doing well with her husband, Larry. I pray that all the MOMS had a wonderful Mother's Day. We don't just appreciate you on the holiday. We thank God for all that you do.

God bless you. I hope that your week goes well.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Reflection!

Hello everyone. I hope all is well. The Lord provided such beautiful weather over the weekend. Even the early Sunday morning rain wasn't bad, especially when it cleared up to sunshine.
I am in awe of the Lords creation. It was nice to get out in the sun on Saturday and doing some yard work. With the snow gone and the warmer days here, it is good to get out even if it was to battle the dandelions that are multiplying by the thousands in my yard!!!!

After Saturday's youngest son Josh and I went and took the Baja Bug out to the badlands on Saturday while Sandra went shopping, Caleb was working, and Jacob was at a track meet. Josh and I had some great father-son bonding time. We took Rusty the Bug on all kinds of dirt roads and hills. We also got out and hiked around chasing rabbits through the sage and rocks. We want to go again!!

Sunday we were blessed by Sunday services and being a part of the worship. For the afternoon, local teens, including my son Caleb Garza, and I met to lead worship for the graduating senior's baccalaureate service at Worland Middle School. The teens were led were Kelci Schaal, Rachel LeBoeuf, Samatha Compton, Nic Craft, and of course Caleb. They did a wonderful job leading the worship for the service. The worship was well received and I believe the Lord's Name was lifted up!

Jess Rollema also did a wonderful job speaking at the event, and Pastor Shaun Matako introduced and concluded the service under the ministerial association. It was great to see 1st "B" so well represented at the event.

Have a great week. God bless you!