Monday, January 12, 2009

Thoughts for today.....

Whew! Today is over and it is the start to the new week. Here is what is running through my head!

* I love Jesus Christ! How about you?

* Thank you Lord for my wonderful wife! Sometimes I feel that I don't deserve her.
* I sure like Jolly Ranchers...especially the cherry flavor.
* I sure like Sandra's lunches better than the boys' schools.

* Can you believe the number one and number two seeds in the NFL playoffs are done??!! Go Steelers!

* Speaking of football....I sure miss seeing my boys play! I can't wait for the FALL again!
* Sometimes....don't you wish you could just throw your computer off the top of a building? It would be a lot more amusing than to have them give you headaches!
* Gotta be at the FBC staff meeting at 5:00? Right? Better make sure.
* A big thanks to Mike St. Clair for the grain crumbles to feed my chickens. I need to get his trailer back soon.

* Wow! We have two baby lambs born!

* I sure love the puppy that I got my wife for Christmas. It's the goofiest Welsh Corgi!!!

* I hope that I have the music right for the new "UnHindered" song we will do for the youth on Wednesday night!

* Looking forward to bible study!!!! We've got some good teaching going on at First "B"!
Hope you're having a great week! God bless you!


Monday, January 5, 2009

It's 2009? Already?

This is late coming out, but Happy New Year to all. I pray that all will have a blessed and safe 2009! Are you like me? I'm wondering where this last year went. Is it really 2009? Where has the decade gone? I guess I'm just getting older and the time is flying by!

* It's hard to believe that we have been in Worland, Wyoming since 2002 already!

* Caleb was in 4th grade in 2002, now a sophomore. Jacob was in kindergarten, now in middle school as a 7th grader. Joshua was at Worland Preschool and is now in the middle of 3rd grade! Boy..the time sure flies by!

* I moved here in my I'm in my 40s?

* Sandra is putting up with me after all these years? She's still my sweetheart!

* It is still a pleasure to serve the Lord and being a part of our 1st Baptist family...or as Pastor Shaun calls it....First "B"!


* Continued service at First "B" with Shaun, Jodi, Becci, Jess, and now my wife, Sandra.

* Lambing and Kidding season

* The Egg Drop Event

* Picnic at the Park

* Branding Season

* Coach Pitch, Little League, and Babe Ruth Baseball!

* The Boys' School Ministry

* Fishing whenever possible with the boys.
* The county fair, seeing the kids showing their animals and doing well!

* Our anniversary...married since 1990!

* Football!!!! My kids playing high school football, middle school football, and community flag football!! THE NFL and Fantasy Football!!!!!!!!!!
* Taking the student ministry kids to the Quakes hockey game!
* Taking the student ministry kids to Acquire the Fire! Skillet rocked the house!!!
* Having Thanksgiving at our house this year and watching football!
* Seeing the candles raised up high in celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ at the Christmas Eve Worship service!
* Staying up late New Year's Eve bringing in the New Year with the boys and family. Having a great dinner and snacks..with soda pop!
God bless you! I hope you have many wonderful highlights in your new year, 2009. God bless
you! To my out-of-state family, we hope to see you soon.
Jeff Garza and family