Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Reflection!

Hello everyone. I hope all is well. The Lord provided such beautiful weather over the weekend. Even the early Sunday morning rain wasn't bad, especially when it cleared up to sunshine.
I am in awe of the Lords creation. It was nice to get out in the sun on Saturday and doing some yard work. With the snow gone and the warmer days here, it is good to get out even if it was to battle the dandelions that are multiplying by the thousands in my yard!!!!

After Saturday's youngest son Josh and I went and took the Baja Bug out to the badlands on Saturday while Sandra went shopping, Caleb was working, and Jacob was at a track meet. Josh and I had some great father-son bonding time. We took Rusty the Bug on all kinds of dirt roads and hills. We also got out and hiked around chasing rabbits through the sage and rocks. We want to go again!!

Sunday we were blessed by Sunday services and being a part of the worship. For the afternoon, local teens, including my son Caleb Garza, and I met to lead worship for the graduating senior's baccalaureate service at Worland Middle School. The teens were led were Kelci Schaal, Rachel LeBoeuf, Samatha Compton, Nic Craft, and of course Caleb. They did a wonderful job leading the worship for the service. The worship was well received and I believe the Lord's Name was lifted up!

Jess Rollema also did a wonderful job speaking at the event, and Pastor Shaun Matako introduced and concluded the service under the ministerial association. It was great to see 1st "B" so well represented at the event.

Have a great week. God bless you!

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