Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Great Weekend!

What another great weekend this has been! Here's a rundown.

1) Friday...did some yard work and watched a movie with my wonderful wife, Sandra.

2) Got up early and drove to my father-in-law's ranch to get with the family and brand all of the calves. FUN in the sun! "Get along little doggies"...

3) Recuperated for the evening after branding Saturday night. Oh my aching everything!

4) Had a wonderful time worshiping the Lord at church Sunday morning. The Memorial Day service went very well. Thank you to Mat Grenier for playing "Taps" on the his trumpet for the service. Those of you that were at the service, I am so glad that you were in town and a part of it.

5) Thanks for your prayers for the Wyoming Boys' School service. We were able to get a small team into the chapel and minister to the boys. We lifted the Name of Jesus in worship. Shaun did a game with the kids and then presented the Gospel message tying it all together. About a dozen boys accepted Christ as their Savior yesterday! Woo Hoo!

6) Sandra and I spent a quiet evening together relaxing while the boys were a friends' houses. It sure is great to have chances to talk to one another.

7) Had fun adding "branding" pictures and video to Facebook.

8) We had two late baby Nubian goats born last night....always a miracle to see!

9) Got up early this morning to do chores. Baby goats are doing great and being bottle fed.

10) Looking forward to having a barbecue at Pastor Shaun's house today to celebrate Memorial Day.

11) Got a haircut today. Wish I could grow more of it back.

12) Have a great week everybody.....looking forward to what God has in store next.

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