Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Relection!

What a busy weekend....sometimes it seems that going to work on Monday...I get more rest then what I got on the weekend. home and started mowing the yard. With the lawn tractor's taking a bit longer with the push mower. Oh well, I've got to get exercise!!

Saturday was nice for Sandra and I to get away a little. We got to go up to Billings, Montana to spend some time together shopping for needed goods. I tell ya...with all of the traffic and people at stores, you would never know that the economy is bad in America. Sandra and I finally were able to pick up our stove/oven that had been stuck in Cheyenne for a week, late in delivery. Our old one had seen it's better days...we've replaced burners, heating elements, was just time to get a new one, especially after it was going out again.. I was happy just to be able to get my guitar from the repair shop. By the way....Hanson's Music treated me very well with the repair..They definitely have my business! Overall the "best" was just being able to spend time with my wife.....we even had a nice lunch together at Applebee's. Thank you Lord for my wonderful wife. I always cherish my time with her.

Sunday was a wonderful day of worship with 1st "B". We always look forward to Sundays with our church family, but like many others, I had to make sure that I called my mother in Idaho to see how she's doing and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Praise the Lord she's doing well with her husband, Larry. I pray that all the MOMS had a wonderful Mother's Day. We don't just appreciate you on the holiday. We thank God for all that you do.

God bless you. I hope that your week goes well.

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