Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arena Football Championship!

Back-to-School shopping was great last Saturday in Billings, Montana! Why? I didn't have to be a part of it!!! wife let me off the hook, and my pastor and good friend Shaun Matako and I went to the Indoor Football League Championship between the Billings Outlaws and the River City Rage...instead!

At Rimrock Arena in Billings, the crowd was going nuts ranting and raving over the Outlaws! Horns were blowing! Guns were going off! About 8,000 people were in attendance! The game was great, with a lot of fast paced football action! Hard players going over the walls....forget the pads.....Yeah!!!! In the end..the Billings Outlaws won the championship, 71 to 62.
It was great for Shaun and me to get away a little and blow off a little steam! Thank you Jodi and Sandra for letting us get away! We had a great time! Ask Shaun if he will be chewing gum at the next sporting event;-)

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