Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow! Fridged Temperatures in Worland, WY!

Wow! I am truly amazed at how the temperatures and changes in our weather have happened so quickly! We have had some pretty frigid, icy, snowy weather hit us hard in Worland, WY! This morning I left the house with the temperature at -27 BELOW zero! It sure is different from the "sweatshirt" weather from just a week ago. The cold is early this year!

You know that it's cold when:

1) The hair in your nostrils crystallize when you breath.

2) Your mustache freezes with icicles when you are walking across campus at work at the boys' school.

3) The heater in your 1962/1965/1968 Volkswagen Bug starts to work (a little) when you get to work AFTER your commute.

4) The condensation from your breath freezes on the inside of your windshield as you are driving down the road and needs to be scraped.

5) You drive to work with layered clothing, an arctic jacket, gloves, etc.

6) The coffee pot is already empty before you arrive at work.

7) You about break your neck in the parking lot slipping on ice trying to reach warmth.

8) Your hands are burning when you take off your gloves to try to get your keys in or out of your front pocket.

9) Not a complete list....but just my experience today.

Hey.....I know that the temperatures are cold outside....however...let's remember to be warm hearted to one another with Christ's love. Winter is here even before the season actually begins! Please be careful! Here we go! Merry Christmas!

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