Monday, November 10, 2008

Blessings After Broken Down!

Last Saturday our car broke down in Cody after we left Walmart. It was chugging and dying! How were we to get home? Well, the Lord took care of us! I know we broke down, which was frustrating, but God worked some miracles. First of all, I thank Him for the fact that we have AAA insurance and roadside assistance. I called AAA and they informed me that we had a 100 mile radius towing package. This was the first miracle. We live exactly 98 miles from where our car was! Praise God! Other miracles? It wasn't snowing, raining, or freezing! We could have been out in the middle of the Wyoming NOWHERE! Walmart gave us good shelter until the tow truck was able to get there. And....we had a really good driver who knew what he was doing that took us back to Worland.
The weird thing is what we found out after we got our car fixed. A bug somehow got past the air filter, got stuck in a sensor and shorted the sensor out. It is amazing how a little creature could knock out a big car. Well anyway.......Thank God we made it home!

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