Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby miracles!

It's that time of year again, even in the deep cold of winter, when many in our Worland area are starting lambing and kidding season. That has happened at our house already. In the last couple of weeks we have had Suffolk lambs born, and just this past Monday morning, three little Nubian goat kids were born from Jacob's Champion Nubian goat, Real. The babies are already being bottle fed and making all kids of noise! We had to bring them in and warm them up with towels and heat lamps. I was getting ready to leave for work, when Sandra came in with the three of them bundled up in her arms. The goofy thing is that we may have, potentially, about eight more born in coming weeks!

I know that raising animals can be a lot of work, especially for our boys now with their 4-H projects..but each year these little ones are born, I am amazed at the miracle of creation. God is truly a God of Wonders! Thank you Lord for your creation. You are awesome in all of your ways! What a mystery you are! I still can't understand how some people think that life just happens......YOU are the Creator of all things!

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