Monday, February 2, 2009

Wow! What a Super Bowl!

Wow! What a Super Bowl it was between the Pittsburg Steelers and Arizona Cardinals! It was rowdy at our house! Sandra and I survived having the middle schoolers from our FBC Student Ministries youth group at our house for the Super Bowl. We had close to 20 middle schoolers, wall -to -wall, cheering yelling, playing board games, munching on junk food, and winding up and playing with our puppy...I have never seen so much potato chips, cookies, pop, candy, popcorn, PIZZA, etc., at a Super Bowl gathering! The kids didn't even get anything on the furniture or spill on the floor!!!!!!!!!! and Heather outdid yourselves on this one. I'm here to tell you, First "B", we are blessed to have such a wonderful youth pastor and wife that not only plan and support great fellowship activities for our kids, but show and teach the love of Jesus Christ. The Lord has blessed our FBC Student Ministries. I pray that He will continue to bless this bunch! All I can say is, Jess, we are praying for you, Heather, and little Kyston. Thanks for the fun FOOTBALL time with the kids last night!

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