Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wow! What a quick football season!

What a fun football season it was this year! It always is for me.
I enjoy watching my youngest boy, Josh play "rec" league. The "Scouts" recreation league is well organized and will really improve Worland's football program in years to come. It's always fun to see these little guys knocking each other around on the gridiron!

I really enjoyed watching my middle boy, Jacob, play on his freshman football team this year. No longer in the middle school green this year, it was fun watching him play in the Worland orange and black. He really wants to lift weights early to get ready for next year's season.

Caleb finished off his senior regular season playing in the Worland orange and black. He is now looking forward to playing the Wyoming State Shrine Bowl coming up this year.

As for college football, I was able to catch a few great games. I love watching it too, but not nearly as much as I do watching my kids and NFL.

Speaking of the NFL, it was a disappointing season for my Dallas Cowboys. Every time they are picked to go to, or win the Super Bowl....they choke. I know....I know....a lot of you are thinking... that's okay... because you don't like the Dallas Cowboys...but when a majority of your family is from Texas and you are raised with the Dallas Cowboys....you get the picture.

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers! You played a great Super Bowl game. It was great to see Aaron Rodgers get the win as the new franchise quarterback! Favre...I believe is now in the past for Green Bay. What a good young team the Packers are. As for the Pittsburg Steelers...good season.

Well....it's tough to see football go for another season....can't wait for next fall!

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