Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Weekend!

Yes....what can I say? This was a very busy weekend! have probably figured it out already that it's like this all the time!!

* Friday Sandra and I drove to Winchester and got a truck load of oats out of a field with a combine. We were itching all of the way home.

* Saturday Caleb, Jacob, and I unloaded the oats into bags. We were able to save $$$ by doing it this way instead of buying it by the bag at the feed store. We were itching and scratching the whole time....but it was worth it, especially in today's economy. The only bad thing about bagging the oats was trying to avoid breathing the chaff in.

After the lawns were all mowed we then got ready for Joshua's 9th birthday (kid) party. The kids had a great time throwing water balloons at each other and playing on the slide/play set. We then had a fun time beating on the panda pinata. A little girl from down the road hit the pinata the very first whack and knocked the panda's head clean off. Everybody laughed like had to have seen it to appreciate it.

After chores then we had to head out to my in-laws house for a dinner and cake/ ice cream. Joshua of course enjoyed opening presents with cousin Trae Bennett helping.

* Sunday I was down at the church at 7:30 am to practice before the 8:30 early service. The Digital Hymnal was not working properly.....after a little coaxing and a phone call, I finally got it go. The worship team then led for the 2nd service. Pastor Shaun taught an incredible sermon on Revelations. We look forward to more of it next week.

After church, the worship team had a barbecue at the park in appreciation. Then we rushed home and got ready for another barbecue that Student Ministries was having at our house. We quickly set up tables, chairs, a volleyball net, and other games. The students finally hit our house from 5-8pm. Wow! What a great turnout it was!

Even though I'm drained was ALL worth it!

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