Monday, March 16, 2009

Loss of a dear pet....

Even at my age, I never would have thought that a little tiny puppy would be something that my family and I could get attached to in such a short time (4 months). This was a tough couple of weeks because the little Welsh Corgi pup that we had... was put to sleep. We found out that she had a genetic kidney disorder. Her name was Hanna Bun-anna Bean. Yes, we are sad that she's gone, but my family and I were talking about the laughter, fun, and playing that we all had with her in the midst of a stressful past few months. We thank God that we had little Hanna even for a short time. God really put her into our family at the right moment. I wish you could have seen the youth group kids playing with her! we have Jella "Bella" Bean...another little Corgi. She's healthy and doing great. She's even more playful than Hanna was.....well.....we guess you just need to come over and see for yourselves!

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