Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thoughts for today!

What a busy week...and it's only Tuesday! Just have a few thoughts on my mind...just gotta put them down.

* What a mighty God we serve! I am so thankful for His strength from day to day!

* I thank God that I am finally pulling out of the stomach flu and getting my strength back.

* I can't believe how weak I felt Sunday morning being propped up with the stool.

* Thank you for all of your prayers. I have felt them as I am recovering!

* It's so good to be back to work, working with the boys at the Wyoming Boys' School.

* I've gotta get ready for the youth worship for Wednesday and this Sunday morning. Looking forward to working with our young people. We really want to celebrate our Lord with you!

* My wife, Sandra, bless her heart, is such a hard worker. I am so proud of what she is doing in our church nursery, working with Worland's youth swimming program at school, leading middle school girls youth, keeping up with our little farm chores, raising kids,......and the toughest thing of all...putting up with me!

* I'm looking forward to following my boys' running, hurtling, and throwing in this year's track season! Go Warriors! Go Braves!

* Baseball season is just around the corner! Little League.....Babe Ruth.....and Lord, please! Please let there be enough kids to play Legion Baseball this year. Lord...please don't let Legion Baseball die in Worland. Is this okay to add to my prayers?

* Lord...will this be the year for the Chicago Cubs???????

* Our puppy, Jella "Bella" Bean, is so much fun! What a character running all over the place with those short little Corgi legs and no tail!

* I've got to say.....thanks again to the folks who are a part of our Worship Team at First Baptist! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all of your help and understanding with me being sick and all last week. You pulled through greatly for last Sunday worship and worship at the boys' school. God bless you guys!

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