Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love Fishing!

One of the best creatures that God created was the trout! I love fishing for them, and they taste good too! I had a great time with my family up a Meadowlark Lake in the Big Horn Mountains this last Saturday. I just can't wait to go fishing again! Thank you Lord for the quiet relaxing time. I sure needed it!

Fishing is the greatest relaxing outdoor sport.

Into the water sails my hook with bait, ready to grab some trout attention!

Shimmering water hides the fish as I wait to feel a bite! going to be better than this? Wow! I can't wait!

In God's creation is where I love to be... under the blue!

No other feeling like catching that trout on the hook and reeling it in!

God knows I'm hooked on fishing.....better yet...I'm hooked on Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jeff. I loved the fact that you finally got out of worland and had some relaxation with your family!! Way to go!
Did you ever get an e-mail from me about a shirt? Is there another address I should send it to besides your work address?? I designed one and sent it to you from their site. Let me know if you didn't get it.
Well, two more Sundays gone, and then I will be back...I hope! I miss singing with you and the other guys!! Have a great week. Wendy

Jeff Garza said...

Hey Anonymous Wendy;-) Yes I did get the picture of the shirt that you designed. They look great! I like the black, orange, and white....sticking with our colors, and at the same time being different! I only got the e-mail from the company and not from your e-mail..that is why I didn't do a response until I saw you again. Great having you on the team! It is wonderful to worship together with the others...I agree! Thanks for the encouragement too....I really needed to get a break in the action! God bless you and your family!