Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baseball Season!

Wow! It's hard to believe that the Worland baseball season is starting to wind down. Jacob is playing a few more Babe Ruth games, but Joshua's little minor league team plays their last game tonight. It was a tough season for their team, but I hope that he wants to continue playing next year. We really enjoyed watching the kids play! The league is a lot different being pitched to by another kid instead of by the coach or by using a tee. If these kids really enjoy the sport, they have to get the experience. So, Sandra and I will go out tonight and cheer on our youngest boy.

Once thing is for certain....we really want baseball to stay alive in Worland, Wyoming. Unfortunately, we are seeing the trend that baseball is not drawing the youth like it once did. It broke my heart to see that Worland didn't have a Legion team for my oldest son Caleb to play on this year, and Worland has had a Legion team in this town for almost a hundred years!

I pray that baseball will continue in this town and that there would not be a loss of interest.......I just can't spit sunflower seeds at any other event!

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