Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Belated Father's Day. It was a great day! First of all.....I thank God for my boys and my wife. They made it a great day! Thanks for the gifts including: Bocce Ball, mug, candy, shorts, Hot Wheels, lounge chair, etc. I love you!

We started the day with praise and worship at 1st Baptist! Worship went well! Shaun's message was great! It was great to give tribute to the ultimate Father....Our Father in Heaven.

After worship at First Baptist, our church family headed for Newell Sargent Park for a church picnic. We had a great time in fellowship. Kids played including Pastor Jess and Pastor Shaun.....lots of baseball. I didn't because I was just too busy talking and meeting new people that have visited our church. It was good to see new folks having fellowship with us. What a great picnic!

After the picnic, we had to mow the lawn, but it was fun playing a game of Bocce Ball afterwards with my new set with my boys, Caleb, Jacob, and Joshua. Jacob won. I got last place this time!

I got to watch a movie with my wife Sandra! It was a great day!

Thank you God for my family! I love them. Lord....strengthen us fathers as we walk with you. Amen.

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