Monday, June 30, 2008

Student Ministries Youth Band!

I am so proud of our youth and for their dedication to worship! Niki McCaffrey, Mikaela Michaels, Brittany Anderson, Jacob Garza, Caleb Garza, and Nic Craft did a BANG UP job leading our congregation in worship yesterday! They didn't seem nervous at all as they stood there, serving the Lord in praises! The voices were chiming, the instruments rocking....I am sure that God was well pleased and blessed.

Several youth helped with the offertory too. I want to thank each of them as well, with their leadership.

Jess Rollema brought a great message to the congregation with the word and great teaching illustrations. I especially liked the one about the juice from the orange squirting everywhere. You are right Jess.....let's keep having the juice and aroma getting everywhere.......i.e. Let's keep spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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