Monday, June 23, 2008

Wyoming Boys' School Ministry

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." - Mark 1:17 NIV

What a day it was yesterday in worship! Of course we loved lifting up the Name of the Lord for the first and second service, but the highlight of the day was taking the 1st Baptist Wyoming Boys' School Ministry team for the afternoon service. Many don't realize all that goes into the afternoon.

* We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity to minister for Him!

* I want to thank Sally Craft and my wife Sandra Garza for coordinating and cooking the lunches each month for the team before we go to the WBS. They do such an outstanding job with this boost that we are raring to go presenting the Gospel through song and message.

* Thanks goes to Steve Craft for hustling around stretching wire, monitors, etc., trying to get our sound going. You the man!

* Thanks goes to Sally Craft and Becci Kalfell for putting together our song sheets to be passed out to the young men in attendance at the WBS.

* Thanks to the Matakos for their involvement with the Jodi for letting us take Shaun and also for her help with Sally and Sandra. A big thank you goes to Shaun for bringing awesome messages to share to the boys, staff, and worship team!

* Our thanks should also go out to the staff of the Wyoming Boys' School for allowing us to come and minister to the boys.

* Let's not forget the 1st Baptist Mission team for supporting us over the period that we have been a part of the boy's school ministry.

Now.....we give total thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ over all! We were blessed to see about 20 boys give their hearts to the Lord yesterday. Kaleb Craft, Nic Craft, Caleb Garza, Ben McMillan, Ashley Craft, and I loved playing and singing worship to the Lord as the boys sang along. Shaun spoke about being lost in the "wilderness" and needing the Savior to rescue us. It was really powerful to see what the Holy Spirit did yesterday! Please keep our team in prayer as we go in to present the Gospel message. It has been wonderful to see the Spirit in action and lives being saved. We look forward to going back next month in July! To God be the Glory!!!!!!

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