Monday, July 7, 2008

What a 4th!

This year our family got together for a dinner and fireworks out at my father-in-law's ranch in Manderson, WY to celebrate the 4th of July. The food was great! Barbecued hamburgers over a wood fire grill! YUM! The kids had fun playing games throwing bean bags and getting rowdy! The biggest rowdy kid had to have been Uncle (Pastor) Jess. You should have seen the fireworks that he set off!!!

Believe it or not, one of the highlights before we even started lighting the fireworks was catching the fish in the cow water trough with our hands and little nets. The boys made a muddy wet mess! It was great laughing at the kids!

Little Trae Bennett had a great time walking around with sparklers. It is fun to see the little kids taking on the traditions that we have celebrating the Independence of our country! Amber celebrated by making sure that little Karys was warm in the pickup and out of the wind. Heather celebrated knowing that Baby Rollema will be born soon and will celebrate next year. Sandra, Grandma and Grandpa Bennett, and I just sat back taking it all in as the boys, Uncle Chisum and Uncle Jess went nuts!

Toward the end of the fireworks we were lighting off, Jess decided it was time to set off the FINALE that he had been working on for several hours in his basement at home. He pulled out the fireworks, nailed to a piece of plywood, which had been in the back his vehicle. Yes....he drove it to a safe spot to be fired up! We laughed so hard at what the firework display looked like. It looked like an amusement park on a piece of wood. Fire, light, explosions, did it all! I especially like the two bottle rockets that were supposed to explode in the air.....ending up exploding on the ground. KABOOM!! WHAT A SHOWER OF SPARKS!!!!

Anyway.......thanks Family for a great time of celebration. Thank you God for the country that we live in. God Bless America!

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Anonymous said...

We had a great one to. Garret celebrated his 4th birthday and then we sent Greg onto work. The kids and I went swimming at my sisters in-laws and then dinner and fireworks with the fokes. I'm glad you had a good one. Isn't God good?--Jenn