Thursday, July 17, 2008

Washakie County Fair!

I can't believe that it's that time of year again. The boys are walking their suffolk lambs to get them ready for the 4-H show at the Washakie County Fair. They are making sure that they are getting plenty of lamb grower feed. Caleb, Jacob, and Josh are starting to trim and shear the lambs. The only trouble that they seem to be facing this year is that they should have been working their lambs a little earlier this year. The lambs are still a little wild and hard to handle. All I know is the lambs better be tame enough for the show on July 30th. Just to give you an idea how wild some of the lambs are, Joshua tried running his lamb, he tripped still hanging on, and the lamb drug him several yards scraping up his knees and hitting his head on the gravel road yesterday.

This year both Jacob and Joshua will be showing our nubian dairy goats too. We are excited because they will be presenting the goats under our new registered herd name: JS Wyokiddin' It is always fun to see them show all dressed in their dairy white.

Good luck to all 4-H members in the Washakie County Fair starting the last week in July. It ought to be good competition this year. It should also be very hot take care of your animals and get them plenty of water!

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