Monday, July 21, 2008

Hard working student from FBC!!!

Let me tell you......our kids from First Baptist Church are working hard on their mission projects with Student Ministries. I also have to tell you that Pastor Jess and Heather Rollema are doing a great job of leading these kids in our community for Christ. Instead of going out of state or country on a mission trip, the student team decided to make their Christ driven mission right here in Worland, Wyoming. Instead of World Changers like they did last year...they are calling the projects..WORLAND CHANGERS!! It has been exciting to see our youth working in the name of Jesus Christ!

I had the privilege to be able to work on one of the projects with them last Friday.....and that was to help a local lady clear her back yard of brush and leaves. It took nearly all morning, but it was a blessing to see the middle school and high school kids diligently getting things done. They also stacked all of the extra fire wood that was in the back yard in a storage shed. To top it off, when the students were done at that house, they made their way to another on-going painting project for another elderly couple. I'm impressed Jess and Student Ministries! Keep working hard!

I do have to tell the story.......I took 5 students with me in my pickup to take a ton of branches to the dump. While the engine was running and all got out, someone accidentally bumped the electric lock on the door, locking all of us out. The truck sat there running while we desperately looked for wire to break into my truck to be able to get back to the project. One of kids even thought she could pick the lock in the door of my truck....we just laughed. Finally I was able to get the door open, unload the truck, and get us all back! Fun! Fun!

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