Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not the right time for fishing!

Well...yesterday's events were pretty much done, the chores were finished, dinner was over, and Caleb had some friends over to practice music for the fair. So..... Jacob, Joshua, and I decided that we would go fishing for a little while at the Worland pond behind our place.
The sky was getting dark and stormy, and Sandra warned us that we better be careful if we were out there. After we got to the pond, we had just gotten our worms on the hooks for fishing and casted out into the pond, when the wind started to pick up and lighting was going off around us at a distance. We thought that everything was fine and that we would continue fishing.

After about a half an hour not catching any fish, the lightning started to get a lot closer, but we still wanted to fish, so Joshua and I decided to go further around the pond through the weeds and brush. As I was leading Joshua through the brush, I heard a hiss and rattle. Just a few feet ahead coiled and warning us was a rattlesnake. WE DECIDED THAT WE WERE DONE FISHING FOR THE EVENING! Needless to say....we decided that we would probably have better luck on another day without a lightning storm and rattlesnakes!!!! It was time to get home.

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