Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday!

Okay...It's official! Even though I had several players from the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints that got me to the fantasy football championship this year, I have to go with the New Orlean Saints in the Super Bowl. Yup...I'm rooting for them to win!

I figure...Peyton Manning has already had several opportunities to get to the Super Bowl and has a championship ring. New Orleans has never been to a Super Bowl, and I think that it would be great for New Orleans and the surrounding area to win...especially after Hurricane Katrina. I also think its funny that Peyton Manning's father, Archie Manning, was the quarterback back in the day, for the Saints. So, I'll root for Archie Manning's old team. Well, there you have it...my reasons that I would like to see the Saints be Super Bowl Champions this year.

Good luck to Drew Brees, Robert Meachem, Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush, and the rest of the New Orlean Saints! Represent the NFC well! I'm hoping this Super Bowl will be a "shootout" rather than a "blowout"!

By the way...First Baptist Church, Worland is setting up a Super Bowl party with surround sound, prizes, food, and you guessed it fellowship! We hope to see you there! Come before kick-off!

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