Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Dairy Miracles!

Wow! It's that time of year again when you see little miracles being born. Last night three brand new baby Nubian goats were born in our barn to our oldest dairy goat, Adrena. I know it happens every year at our place, but it never stops me from being amazed by God's creation. Two little males (bucks) and one little female (doeling) were born. (This picture is of some of our baby goats last year.)

Of course we are anticipating more to be born in the coming weeks. My wife, Sandra, really takes all of this seriously and is always right there like a nurse, putting her veterinarian skills to good use.
Now comes the early morning and evening ritual of milking the goats. Sandra is very fast at it. Jacob is very fast too. Me? I guess I do alright, but I wouldn't enter a contest. I'm glad I'm just the alternate milker.....I'll work on the other chores while they take care of filling the pails.

I guess we loaded the oats up in the barn just in time last Saturday. The oats really help our dairy goats to produce more and better quality milk. I can't wait to pour the milk over my cereal each morning before I take off to go to work.
Thank you God for these little miracles.

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