Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank you Mom!

My mother's name is Elizabeth Rose Westerfeld. She was just remarried last fall to a good man name Larry Westerfeld, after being a widow of my father, Oscar Garza, for many years. I'm really proud of her making good decisions over the last several years, moving to Idaho, purchasing a new home, marrying Larry who is a Christian man.

I just wanted to say that I love my mom. She has been so supportive over the many years, especially with all of my musical endeavors. Of course she was there with all the bumps, bruises, blood, etc. as I was growing up, but I remember most of all, the time of support with my music. Who helped me get music lessons? Mom. Who supported me and drove me everywhere for music concerts? Mom. Who allowed me to travel the country and England with music groups? Mom.

Mom, thank you for life, your love, your support, and care over the many years. The prayers for my family have been felt. Thank you. All of the support and prayers over the years have helped lead me to be able to minister for the Lord Jesus Christ as Worship Minister at First Baptist and in the community of Worland. God bless you and Larry, Mom!

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