Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sharing With a Worland Kindergarten!

Getting out in the community was fun for my son Jacob and me yesterday. My boss, Steve Wake, wanted to know if we could take some of our dairy goats over to South Side Elementary to show to his daughter's kindergarten class (Mrs. Tidemann). It all worked out that I could leave the boys school, pick up Jacob from school, and load up the animals.
Right before we started to load the animals I noticed that we had a flat tire on our horse trailer, so we really had to scramble for time! We finally got the tire fixed up, and we were on our way.

After we got to South Side, we unloaded the animals, took them out to the playground and waited for the little kindergartners to join us. The children were so cute petting the animals and asking all of their questions. They asked everything from, "What are their names?" to "How much milk do you get every day?".

We had a great time. Thank you God that we were able to share with those little ones. Thanks for the great weather that we had for it too.

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