Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Weekend!

Hey Everyone....What a fun weekend we had with several church members. Friday night was the greatest. Jess and Heather had Sandra and me help with the youth "Bunko" Night. What a fun rotating dice game to play with the group. I wasn't too sure about playing it at first, but once we got was a blast! We were laughing so much along with the kids as we played....we almost forgot that we were the adults. Those that were winning rolls of the dice were being wrapped with toilet paper. We had all kinds of snacks....and the winners and "not so winners" received prizes. I can't wait to play again.

Saturday evening was great too. If you are not a part of our church's 4X4 fellowship, you need to get connected. We had some folks from our church and their children over for a Bar-B-Q. You should have seen Ben McMillan sporting his basketball skills with the kids! It was a riot! The kids were climbing all over the playset. We adults enjoyed each other's company while the kids ate their dinners outside at the picnic table. We can't wait to get together again soon!

Sunday, after a wonderful worship service at First "B", Sandra and I finally got to rest at home while the boys went and spent time with their friends. It wasn't long, though, because it was off to Jess and Heather's house for a Student Ministries meeting and fellowship with the team, The Rollemas, Andersons, and the Garzas. Great barbequed bacon burgers Jess! Food, fellowship with friends, a meeting in there for a little bit, and playing a word game, it was a great Sunday evening to wrap up the weekend. Thanks Jess, Heather, and Kyston for having all of us over for a great time.
If you are looking for great fellowship with fellow Christians, First Baptist is a wonderful church family.

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Gail said...

Come on Jeff, the hightlight of Saturday was Tammy and I got to milk a goat! That was awesome!!!