Monday, April 27, 2009

WOW! Busy Weekend!

This was a good weekend, but a busy one! It started out by having our boys having friends over and being at friends' houses...making sure they got where they needed to be and back on Friday night. Saturday morning was an early start making sure that Caleb and Jacob got on their way to Riverton and Thermopolis for their "away" track meets. Of course Sandra and I took care of yard work for most of the day.

The highlight of Sunday was being part of a huge ministry day! The Lord is so good. Of course we were blessed to be a part of the early service and the second service. Pastor Shaun did an excellent job of teaching from Romans 9 in the early service and about Rejection in the second service for his "Survivor" series. The church was packed, and it was wonderful hearing so many people lifting up the Name of the Lord in worship and song. The worship team introduced a new song that we are looking forward to singing again next Sunday. It's called..."Hear My Worship". You can listen to a version of the song on my playlist below on this page.

After a quick lunch downstairs at church, Pastor Shaun, Ben McMillan, Kaleb Craft, my son Caleb Garza, and I loaded up and headed out to the Wyoming Boys' School to present the Gospel message and worship the Lord with the kids out there. Everything was well received. The Lord did some mighty work out there. Please pray that this door of opportunity stays open for our team.

When we were done at the boys' school, we then headed back to the church, of course after a quick "pop" break at the local Cenex Station.....Thanks Pastor Shaun! My son and I then got ready and set up equipment to have some local teenagers rehearse for the upcoming Baccalaureate. The kids were a little nervous going over the music, but it's going to work out well for the service.

I wonder what the Lord has in store for us this week? Anyhow....busy but great weekend! God bless all of you! Have a great week!

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