Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a Blessed Easter!

What a wonderful Easter we had last Sunday! I am so happy about how many people were in church and a part of our worship service, especially the 3rd service! I truly believe that the Lord was pleased with our worship to Him, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! It was great to hear all of the voices as we lifted them up in song.

I want to thank our 1st Praise Worship Team. They did an incredible job covering both services. I was so proud of Kaleb Craft and my son Caleb Garza for stepping up and adding an extra special touch to the worship by being able and willing to play guitar and harmonica solos. I was truly blessed and so were many others.

Pastor Shaun had an incredible message with the Gospel clearly taught! Thank you Pastor for all of your hard work and also encouragement. My wife Sandra and Shaun's wife Jodie worked hard in preparation for our kids at church...I'm proud of them too! Also...thank you Pastor Jess for all your hard work, backing up the praise team, getting prepared for it all.

After the Sunday services we raced home had a scavenger hunt for the Easter baskets and had a quick lunch. Then my job for the State of Wyoming sent me to Casper for a conference. I just got back last night, Tuesday. I am just so glad that I could celebrate Easter with Sandra and the kids and with my church family!


Gail said...


Caleb was so awesome on that harmonica! You are very blessed with fine boys (and extremely talented!)

Jeff said...

Hey Gail,

Thanks for the wonderful comment,but I do have to tell you and have great kids too! Also....Abby is doing a great job on the youth worship team. It's good to see her taking part:-)


Jeff Garza