Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gotta Get Rid of the Clutter!

Have you ever looked in the storage areas in your home and realize, "You just don't need all of this junk!" Sandra and I are trying to get ready for a big yard sale. We have so much stuff that we need to get rid of: toys, tools, clothes, odds-and-ins, etc. I am amazed at all the accumulation over the years.

After thinking about the clutter in our storage spaces, I thought to myself, "Is there any clutter in my life that doesn't allow even more time to spend in reading God's word?" I am really praying that I can MAKE more time to spend in God's word. Oh...I'm reading it....but I just need to "feast" on it some more!

Christians....let's challenge one another to get rid of the clutter...push it away...and make more time for diving into God's word. Let's read His word and worship!

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