Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rocks Springs Student Ministries Mission!

Well, the Student Ministries Team is on the road again. This time they are on their way to Rock Springs, Wyoming to help a congregation build a church in that community. Led by Jess Rollema, our Student Ministries Pastor, the team is on the road as I'm writing this. They have a wonderful opportunity to not only build this church building, but to also minister to others in the community about the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am excited that my oldest son, Caleb, is also a part of this team. He and Marshall Blom were excited to take their guitars and worship music from our church files to lead worship while on this missions trip. I am very proud of these guys for taking the initiative to want to worship with the rest of the team during their week.

The rest of First "B" was blessed by a spaghetti lunch fund raiser for this mission trip, today after worship. The kids did a great job of serving the congregation with the leadership of Pastor Jess Rollema. Pastor Shaun and Jodi did a wonderful job cooking and serving up the hot and delicious meal. I was also impressed with how we all were able to lend a helping hand with the clean-up afterward. It was just a great time of fun, fellowship, and a great cause to raise money for the this important trip to Rock Springs.

Please pray for our youth leaders and kids as they spend this entire week with this project, working for the Lord. I have a feeling lives will be changes on this mission trip. Give all of the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!

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