Monday, January 25, 2010

The Garza Couple Retreat!

Sandra and I had a wonderful time up in Billings, Montana over the weekend. We decided to go up last Friday night, stay the night at a hotel, and then spend the day together on Saturday. We weren't sure that the weather and roads were going to cooperate with us going up, but we decided to give it a try, driving up after work last Friday. A big thanks to Amber and Chisum for watching our boys while we were gone!

I'm glad that we went when we did because we caught the weather "just right" before a big snow storm hit our region. As a matter of fact, before we got to Billings, a huge snow storm hit and the roads got pretty icy. Thank God for having four-wheel drive! Right before Bridger, Montana, we were going over a ridge and we came upon about 8 deer just standing in the middle of the road. I had a difficult time slowing down, so I started to honk my horn and the deer parted like the Red Sea as we went through the middle of them! Whew!

My wife and I finally got to Billings and it was then snowing like crazy! The roads were full of snow as we got to our hotel to check in. After checking into the hotel, we went on the town for dinner, window shopping, etc. It was fun having the roads to ourselves with no one around. Yes, I enjoyed spinning around corners....and in the parking lots!

The next day was great too. The weather was keeping people at home! No traffic! No waiting in lines at stores. We walked into the Olive Garden for lunch and we didn't have to wait at all like you normally do. Sandra and I had a great time going to Lowes, Walmart, the mall, Berean Books, Michael's, and even an antique store!

Sandra and I decided to leave to go home a little earlier than we normally would, just in case the roads were getting bad. The roads were nicely plowed and not too icy. The Lord gave us a great time together and a safe trip home.

Thank you, Lord, that my wife and I were able to spend some nice fun quality time together over the weekend, and we were able to be at worship on Sunday morning!

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