Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yellowstone Quake Hockey Game!

I had a fantastic time helping Jess and Heather Rollema take the youth from First "B" up to Cody, Wyoming for a Yellowstone Quake hockey game last Sunday afternoon. We (the high-schoolers and I) had a great time cruising up in the Explorer, listening to tunes on the stereo while the middle-schoolers road the First "B" bus!

When we got to the arena in Cody, it didn't take long to get our tickets and storm into the arena for some FUN hockey action! As always, the ice from the rink makes you appreciate sitting in the heated seats of the bleachers. Another thing I appreciate is getting to the rink early to watch the Zamboni smooth out the ice. I'm going to drive that Zamboni someday!

The action on the ice was great, plenty of hockey players slamming each other into the plexi-glass and falling all over the place trying to get control over the puck. It was also great to watch the Yellowstone Quake score several times to win the game over the Butte, Montana team, 4-0! While we were watching the "whipping" of the Montana team, of course the youth and I had to eat all of the junk food available! Not the greatest pepperoni pizza and pretzel, but the atmosphere must have made it taste better. It was also great catching prizes thrown to the crowd after each goal...3 prizes out of 4 isn't bad!

After the win and on our way out to the parking lot, I realized that I couldn't find my car keys. We had to head back into the arena to try and find them. I soon got a cell-phone call letting me know that the keys could be seen on the front seat of my car.....all locked up inside! Great...it was time to call .....AAA! These newer cars are hard to break into! Thank you Lord...a locksmith was there in about 5 minutes and took care of us...while the kids got a head start at Wendy's getting burgers and Frosties! I got my Frosty later. We got home on schedule!

It was later determined that the keys were left in the car in order for the kids to listen to the stereo while we were getting the tickets sorted. When we were ready to go into the arena.....I locked the keys in the car....too excited about the game. Oh well. Thank you Lord for taking care of us and allowing us to have a super time!

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