Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thanks for your birthday wishes and prayers!

So... what is so special about the 43rd birthday in a person's life? Well, for me, I've never had so many people wishing me a Happy Birthday. Thank you so much for making this birthday a fun one! I received tons of e-mails, a birthday party at work, and got home and had a relaxing birthday evening with my family. I was even blessed by having Nic and Kaleb Craft surprise me by knocking on the door and singing "Happy Birthday"....guitar and all. (Thanks you two!)
I've got to tell you...your lead pastor...Dr. Shaun Matako, really got me good. He knew that I was downtown in Worland having tires put on my VW Bug. Sandra and I were waiting for my car to be finished. Shaun walked in and told me that I needed to get down to the church quickly to check my office, because the "heater had been turned up too high, and he wanted me to see if everything was okay" ;-) Yeah...right...I finally got down to my office to find an EXPLOSION of ribbons, Pepsi, and Pringles potato chips all over the place....not to mention the football balloons and Dallas Cowboys mug. Thanks Pastor Shaun! You really know how to take care of your friends and staff for their birthdays. You are the man, Shaun!
Anyway... God bless all of you, and thanks again! I hope and pray that when it's your birthday, you will be blessed like I was.

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