Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Thoughts!

Hello everyone. Hope you are having a great day! Just thought I'd share 10 random thoughts as I wrap up my day on a break. God bless you!

1) I just realized that two more quarters of teaching school...and I can say that I have taught for 20 years! Thanks for the blessings, Lord, over all these years.

2) We are starting up the boys' school ministry for 2010 this Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. The boys enjoy worshiping with a full worship band from First "B".

3) Still thinking of the fun time that I had with the youth at the hockey game.

4) I finished all of my semester report cards today! Yippeee!

5) I'm still waiting for parts to fix Rusty the Bug.

6) Oh well.....the Dallas Cowboys are DONE!

7) My family and I have played a board game together two nights in a row! Fun! "Wits & Wagers"

8) We've got youth worship and the James Bible study tonight!

9) Yum! This cherry Jolly Rancher candy sure is good!

10) I'm listening to NEW worship music.....pondering which ones would be the best to teach the congregation.

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