Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Posting #100 with Random Thoughts!

Wow! It is hard to believe that this is my 100th posting. I enjoy occasionally posting the "goings on" in the 1st Baptist ministry, about my family, and just about anything including my random thoughts. There are NO gossip lines on this blog.

Here are some of my random thoughts for today:
1) Lord, sometimes I really wonder why you love me and saved a wretch like me.

2) My students at the Wyoming Boys' School are working hard and are making academic SLAM DUNKS lately! Yee Haa!

3) "Rusty" the Bug is parked in the barn waiting... for some new parts. I can't wait to zip around Worland in the buggy again.

4) Why does technology have to advance so quickly? It seems like it's really trying to take over. Sometimes I long for the old days of the land-lines and pay-phones.....uhhh...but not typewriters!

5) Wow! Did you see the playoff game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers? It was all offense! Where was the defense? Congratulations Kurt Warner and keep witnessing for Jesus!

6) Go Cowboys! I wish the fantasy football league was still going this year. I had a fun season!

7) Man!....those boys' school enchiladas aren't bad at all!

8) Mmmmm....which new song will we work on next for worship???? Lord, please direct my path on this.

9) Gotta lose some more weight! Thanksgiving and Christmas meals really took a toll! ;-)

10) I think that I need to take my dogs for walks more...that way we all win!

11) Thanks, dear Lord, for the warmer and sunnier weather in the middle of January! We made it 37 degrees!

12) Can't wait to be with my family tonight! Maybe we'll play a game???

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